Oscar buzz is–like Tilda Swinton’s life force–an elusive, mysterious, and eternally complex entity. Awards pundits from all over the web usually have one goal in mind when blogging about the upcoming Academy Awards: to influence the race and to get their predictions right.

Because The Academy’s voting patterns are a closely-kept secret, we can only judge their actions going forward based on the codes they’ve left for us in the past. With The Academeter, Joey Nolfi, Editor-in-Chief of Serving Cinema, backtracked through every year of Academy history, sifting through Best Picture winners and nominees to create a formula to gauge a film’s potential traction and Oscar buzz in the upcoming race. Based on a multitude of factors, The Academeter rankings will change as often as the elements of the individual films in the race do.

Click here for The Academeter Best Picture 2015 Archive

Click here for The Academeter Best Picture 2016 Archive

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